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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Dogs. Part III - Pebbles

When A.J.'s health was starting to decline, I decided to get another dog. I knew I couldn't live without a dog in my life (not counting Tess... she was Roger's Duck Dog. Even thou I loved her more than even I knew) and I didn't want to lose A.J. and then immediately go out and replace him. So, for about a year we had three dogs. 
I found Pebbles in an ad in the newspaper. The owner of was charging $20 for the pups. He said his female dog mix of poodle and shih tzu got under the fence again and he thinks the sire was schnauzer and chihuahua... What a mix!
Dale went with me to pick her out. She was the cutest thing when she was little... Not what happened as she grew up. Haha. But she was small enough to be a "lap dog" which is what I wanted... A.J. wanted desperately to be a lap dog as he was such a loving dog but he was just a little to big and he was jealous of Pebbles when we brought her into our home, so we had to make sure to give him extra attention.
Pebbles and Tess got along great as Labs seem to stay more playful and young for many years. But A.J. was getting on in his years... geriatric so to speak. He didn't want anything to do with this new fur ball that we brought home. He would snap at her and if Pebbles got into his bed he set her straight! So Pebbles picked Tess to become buddies with. 
They were so funny together! This big huge yellow lab and this tiny black fur ball mix puppy. But they played and played. Tess loved loved loved to fetch and had multiple tennis balls around the house. Well we found out one day the Pebbles liked to fetch as well. So we would throw the ball and have Tess bring it back a couple times, then Roger would do his magic and lightly tough Tessa's nose and tell her to "stay" and he would roll the ball off and tell Pebbles to "go get it" and off she would go! She'd bring it back and the cycle would repeat about 5 times before Tessa lost her patience and would break the hold and go after it. Poor Tess! That was Her Ball!!!
About a year after bringing her home we lost A.J. and so it was just Pebbles and Tess... as I had planned. I was so happy to have Pebbles to cuddle & cry with that day we didn't bring A.J. home with us. She was a Godsend! 
It didn't take long before we started referring to Tess & Pebbles as The Girls. At night when it was time to go to bed I'd want to put them outside one last time to I'd say to them "Come on Girls... Outside" and they both would jump right up and run to the door. Anytime we'd call for The Girls, they would light right up and come a running. People thought it was rather funny, but they were my babies... My Girls.
Even thou Pebbles was the smallest dog, she was the dominant one. She was the yappy dog... whenever anyone walked past the house she let us know, and she riled up Tess too. But Pebbles was the first to start barking and the last to stop. Tess was just kind of for show in middle. Ha! 
If you read my previous story about Tess, you know there came a day that Roger came home and told me that he had put Tess down without talking to me about it first. After losing Tessa, I wanted another dog as we'd always had at lease two dogs. Roger agreed  to letting me go to the animal shelter to look and see what they had. We both wanted a female.
During this the few days after Tess passed and we were looking for another dog Pebbles wasn't eating and just not herself. We passed it off as grieving. Well I found a couple cute little dogs at the shelter, and we picked one to bring home to see if it was a "good fit" with Pebbles. However, the shelter said we needed to make sure Pebbles shots were up to date. When I called to find out I was told we were a couple months late on her boosters. So I made an appt. to take her down that day to get them. The shelter said that was fine and released the other dog to us. So I took it along with us to the appt.
When we got to the Vet's before they gave Pebbles her booster shots they asked a few questions like is she eating/drinking etc. and we said actually no, but we were chocking that up to grief from losing Tessa. Well they must have seen something else because they said they couldn't give her the shots until she is better and to take her home and feed her baby food. This was on a Saturday. On Monday she still wasn't eating, so we took her back in to the Vets. They ran some blood work and did an x-rayabdomen and called to have Roger and I come back. They showed us the film and said it was cancer. We were devastated! To lose two dogs within a 10 day period was almost more than I could take. If it wasn't for that little dog that we brought home from the shelter to "foster" for a little while to see if he got along with Pebbles, I would have just shattered! 

R.I.P. Pebbles!!! We Love You!

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