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Friday, July 29, 2011

Facebook Dog Lover? Not!!!

About a week ago I received a message and a friend request from a woman that I'll call Jane Doe. Her message said (and this is a direct quote) "Farmville...my son is one of your friends and he is getting a lot of good trees, that I want also...lol!!!"

I thought, hmmm - that's pretty bold, but as you all probably know, I'm a softy when it comes to helping people in FB games, so I approved her friend request and I sent her six trees. Some new - some were probably released May or June. She wrote back thanking me and saying that she didn't have any of the trees that I sent her.

Next thing I know I'm getting a friend request from her fiance along with a message saying "Farmville...my fiance is _________...i play fv everyday, well she does it for me...so if you need anything on fv just let me know and i will help ya out...thanks, _____"

Well... what could I do... I had to accept, right? I wrote a note back saying I could use Tomato bushels and Love potion and how to send those things to me. I did get about 3 potions from them. No tomatoes.

Well I sent him a few trees too. Then I received a request from the son asking for two specific trees. Wow... What have I got myself into??? Well the first tree on his list was fairly easy to get and when I sent it to him I told him the second tree he asked for - the Cupcake Tree wasn't easy to get, but I would do my best.

When my cupcake tree orchard came time to harvest I didn't get a seed from it... and I thought "darn" - then I came up with the idea to pull a about 3 trees out of it and put them in the next orchard to have another chance at getting the tree for him. Second orchard, still no seed. So I pulled the three trees out and put them in a third orchard and harvested. I got a seed! So I grew it to see if the seed was for a cupcake tree or for the other kind of tree that was in that orchard. Well I got lucky and it was a cupcake tree. When I sent him the tree in the message I told him all that I had gone thru to get him that tree. I waited about a day and a half and no "Thank you". I just thought - how rude!!! So I looked at his wall and the picture looked like a little boy! And I looked at our "Friendship" and I had no other friends in common with him except his mom and the fiance. So I couldn't figure out how in the world I would have approved a little boy as a friend that I didn't even know!!!

I wrote a quick note to the mom asking how old her son was and explained the tree situation and not getting any appreciation. She wrote back that he was 7 years old, and that he was so excited to get the trees that he probably forgot. I also got a note from him thanking me for the tree. hehe.

Well last night when I got a note from her that she was posting Love Potion I went to her wall to get some and saw a posting from her about some trouble she was having with a neighbor's dog. I was intrigued, so I opened up the comments and read them.

There were about 14 or more comments between her and a few of her friends. In them she self proclaimed herself as a dog lover and said that she used to work at their local animal shelter. That in fact she was working there when her neighbor's dog was brought in, and the previous owners of that dog had said that the dog should not go to anyone with children. And when her neighbors came in and wanted the dog - although they had kids and were warned about what the previous owners said, they took the dog anyway. 

"Jane Doe" went on to say that the dog was a terror to everyone on their block and had just bitten her son. The friends comments were that she should call animal control and they would take care of it. 

"Jane" claimed that animal control would put the dog down and as a dog lover she didn't want to be responsible for having the dog be put down - so she took care of it on her own.

Another friend chimed in that it wasn't a bad dog, it was bad owners. She said it wasn't the owners fault - as the dog was already like that when they got him. Then the friend asked how she "took care of it". She proudly said she sent her son after it with a base ball bat. 

I couldn't take anymore. I had to get my two-cents worth in - as they say... I commented that I was an true animal lover - dogs especially. And that there was no such thing as a bad dog. That at some point an owner made that dog "bad" and the thought of someone taking a baseball bat to an innocent dog turned my stomach. I further said I thought it was irresponsible of the shelter to adopt that dog out to that family knowing full well that it didn't belong in a household with children.

Well apparently she didn't like my comment. She made some comment after that, as I can see that under my notifications, however I can't see the comment because she unfriended 

But since she is no longer a friend of mine, I don't see any need to have her fiance as a friend and I have a personal policy not to have children as friends that I don't know and don't have the parents as well. So I unfriended both the 7 year old and the fiance. Good Riddance! 

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  1. A baseball bat!! OMFG!!! That is just sick. I can't imagine a dog lover like you handling that well at all! Good for you for saying something. What a horrible, sick woman. To put her 7 year old up to that too? I can't imagine how this child may turn out. Scary!