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Pitter Patter of Doggy Feet

Thursday, September 29, 2011


With Halloween just around the corner I am reminded of my dear husband's charades of years past. 

One of my favorites is when he found this stuffed, motion-activated, black cat that once it detected motion it gave off an eerie mix between a meow and a howl. 

To set it up Roger tied fishing line around the cat's neck, then ran the line thru a eye screw and in thru our front door jam. Then he ran the line thru another eye screw and ran it down the side of the door and tied it off to one last eye screw. He made sure there was enough line to have the cat sitting on top of the rain gutter just above the screen door.

So... when we had Trick or Treaters knocking at the door, he would pull on the line from inside the house and the cat would come flying down from the roof toward the kids. That movement also set off the motion detector and the cat would start howling. Those poor kids about shit their pants - but they still stuck around to get their candy! Well, most of them anyway! haha. 

I'd never laughed so hard in years! It was his best trick, but I wouldn't let him pull the string on anyone that looked really little... they were just too darn cute to scare!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Facebook Friends - "You can't like everyone!"

I have met some of the most amazing people on Facebook... To name a few: Sheri, Tammy, Denise, Prachi, Sarah, Jodi, Carolyn...  Sorry, that's more than a few....  :)

But, there have been a couple that I have come across that I have found if not a complete dislike for - well, pretty close to that.

There is one that I am struggling with currently that is a good friend of Tammy's, I'll call her Ann (not her real name). I actually had Ann as a friend first but didn't talk to her much - she was probably just someone that one of us needed another friend to get further in a game, so we added each other. Then Tammy needed more neighbors in Farmville, so I gave her a list of people on my friend list and included her and Tammy actually got to chatting with Ann and got to know her and liked her, and brought her into our little group of gals.

At first all it was - was getting Love Potion to breed our sheep and pigs with from her. And that was fine. But as time progresses Ann started to infiltrate herself more and more into our group. She started popping up on chat and talking to me and then the conversations be-gain to last longer and longer and dominating all of my time. And while talking with her I would get other people popping up on chat to talk to me as well. I would try to tell Ann that I needed to go as other people were wanting to talk to me but she just kept talking to me as long as I showed "on-line".

And during this time I was suffering with more and more Headaches. And juggling two and three people on chat didn't help with my head!! Also, Ann's conversations brought me down... made me feel sorry for her. She would say things like "You and Tammy always get the best animals in your habitats and I never get any good ones." (boo-hoo) So I'd feel sorry for her and I bought her a couple animals from the market. Then I also sent her my mystery babies too.

But recently she and her husband went on a little vacation to visit her daughter and they were supposed to visit another relative as well but it turned out the 2nd person wasn't home. And Ann also mentioned that next spring they are going on a cruise. Well when they got home from their little trip she again mentioned about not having something nice from the market. I told her that the Farm Cash was 40% off, and this was the perfect time to purchase some. She was not interested at all! And I got to thinking about how Tammy and I are always the ones giving and giving to her, yet even when she can purchase things for 40% off she won't do it. And that was the straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak. I don't like mooches - and she is a MOOCH!

So I started keeping my chat off-line so I didn't have to chat with her. But I hated that cuz then I couldn't chat with any of my good friends! It didn't work anyway cuz she would send me messages asking how I was and telling me write back thru message so we wouldn't get interrupted by other people to cause a headache. (I found out later that Tammy had told her about the multi-chat thing causing headaches when Ann asked her why I wasn't online anymore)

So I put Ann on a chat list that shows me off-line. I'm not sure if it works or not, but I haven't been bothered by her for about a week - especially since I didn't answer her message and I'm not returning any free gifts she sends me in the games we play.

I still worry and stress about putting Tammy in the middle of this. And I've told Tammy how I feel, not only about Ann, but about putting Tammy herself in the middle of it. She keeps telling me not to worry. That she will try to keep both friendships separately, but if it comes down to having to choose between the two of us, that she would pick me. And that makes me both happy and sad. I would hate to have Tammy have to make a decision like that... but it would devastate me to loose her as a friend!