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Monday, July 25, 2011

Me & My Sisters

My sister Sandi came to town from Lacy yesterday to do some cleaning on one of their Rental houses that came vacant and she decided to stay a couple days. She and my sister Carole brainstormed and want to go to Spokane tomorrow and gamble a little, have lunch and come back to Moses Lake same day. Usually when we go gambling we spend the night, so it will be a quick trip.
So it's going to be Mom, the two sisters I mentioned above and myself. I always have the best time with them. :)
I'll let you know how we did later...


  1. How did you do? I have some reading to catch up on on here!

  2. I lost my butt... Mom and Sandi both came out ahead and I forgot to ask how Carole did... Maybe she will comment and let us know... Carole?

  3. But all in all it was a fun day. I had to drag Sandi (practically by the hair) from the slot machines both at lunch time and when it was time to leave as she was winning and didn't want to stop. At the end I finally threatened her that I was leaving her and she said "ok ok I'm coming" and so I waited for her to cash out her ticket. But as we were walking up to meet Mom and Carole she casually mentioned that I couldn't leave her anyway because she had the car keys! LOL !!!

  4. Haha! Yeah, that might be a problem then. Note to self: next time keep the car keys!